Phoenix Dynasty 2 Full Version is now available on Steam in four regions in five languages!


The game for the ones who yearn for classical old MMORPGs

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Why Pdo2?

Do you care about content more than graphics? Do you miss old MMORPGs? Do you wish to go on an adventure in the mystical Far East? If you say yes to all, Phoenix Dynasty 2 is right here for you! Castle Wars, Caravan Raids, Dynasty Dungeons and many other challenges are waiting for you in Phoenix Dynasty 2.

  • We are both the publishers and developers of Phoenix Dynasty 2, which means you will receive 24/7 support from the developer team and never hear lame excuses like "Oh sorry everyone! The developers have withdrawn the technical support so we cannot help you now."
  • The in-game market is not Pay2Win. Phoenix Dynasty 2 is a game where you can only make progress through determination and hard work.
  • Free Download


Join the City and Village Wars every weekend to immortalize your name in the land of Azurians.

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PDO2 Special Gift Package

This special package includes a unique mount that will help you explore the maps much faster at the beginning of the game. It also offers you the items to discover the depths of the PDO2 universe easier. Hurry up to get a free permanent mount and exclusive materials!

Free AUTO-BOT Feature!

Won’t you be going online tonight? Do you have some other plans for the weekend? Don’t sweat it! A free and unlimited automatic bot you can use on the world maps is awating you in PDO2!

Non-Pay To Win Market

Your progress in PDO2 completely depends on the effort you put into the game and your character develops in parallel with the amount of time you spend in the game. Therefore, you cannot purchase any enhancing items from the market.